About Us

About Us

We started blending nutritional beverages for cyclists in the early 90's. Since then, we've refined and reblended to provide the very best in mixability, ease of use, and great flavors. Our flavors are unique and the result of extensive field testing. We developed the baseline Power Blend to provide fuel and hydration for training and racing. We also offer Endurance Blend, a balanced-electrolyte and BCAA-enhanced blend to keep you fueled and strong on those long, hot days and longer races. For longer distances, we now offer UltraPower Blend, with more calories, more electrolytes, and protein to keep you going longer. After your workout or event, try Recovery Blend, with 12 grams of whey protein and plenty of carbohydrates to get your refreshed and ready to go again.

Let us know what you think; your suggestions and your ideas. We're constantly looking for better ways of bringing you the very best in nutritional beverages. Thank you, and see you out there on the road....

Handcrafted in Kansas

We blend and package our products personally in our Wichita, Kansas food processing facility from the finest ingredients made to our specification. We print our own labels. We blend each batch by hand. We measure and fill each pouch one at a time. We keep strict production records. We sanitize before and after each blending batch. We do not use contract packers. We handcraft Baseline, CheckPointPower Blend, Endurance Blend, UltraPower Blend, and Recovery Blend to the highest standards. We want to. We use it ourselves.

History of Blendrich Nutrition

We started out by word of mouth, mixing nutritional beverages for our fellow cyclists and triathletes.  In 2012, we formed Blendrich Nutrition, with a new web presence, better packaging and distribution. We're growing and expanding every day, thanks to the input and ideas of our fellow athletes. We welcome you along for the journey....

Our Users

Most of our athletes fall into three groups. First is the casual cyclist, triathlete, or runner who rides 3-5 times a week or runs 25-35 miles a week, but typically doesn't compete in longer endurance races or events. These riders, triathletes, and runners need sustained energy for those hard, but not too hard, rides and runs. Power Blend is perfect for these athletes, providing complex carbohydrates in a easy-mixing, great tasting formula. Available in 6 exciting flavors in our Online Store.

The second group of athletes we see are the dedicated competitors. These athletes compete throughout the season, often every weekend, in hot climates and for longer periods of time. These are marathoners, road racers, and Ironman-event folks. Endurance Blend is perfect for these athletes, providing sustained energy, balanced electrolytes, and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). Available in 6 exciting flavors in our Online Store.

Then there are the ultra-endurance athletes, those that go the extreme distances and challenge themselves to the max. These are ultra-marathoners, gravel grinders, and full-Ironman competitors. UltraPower Blend was developed for these athletes, providing more carbohydrates, more electrolytes, as well as high-quality whey protein to facilitate carbohydrate transport. Available in 6 exciting flavors in our Online Store.

No matter what type of athlete you are, you'll enjoy Recovery Blend after your workout or event. Packed with 12 grams of whey protein and plenty of carbohydrates, Recovery Blend is available in 6 exciting flavors in our Online Store.